Everyone, regardless of age, injury, or fitness level, can move better, feel better, and change their body.

Begin from where you are.

Working with an injury? Let's figure it out. What can you do now? This is where we will start. Pilates will help you get stronger and more flexible, safely and comfortably. 

Performing at the top of your game? Our athletes value the precision of Pilates for the refinements in form that takes seconds off a time and strokes off a game. What else do athletes love about Pilates? They recover faster and hardly ever find themselves sidelined by an injury.  

Haven't worked out in a while? We've all been there. Pilates is a gentle way to get you back in shape and tough enough to keep you in shape. 

Just had a baby? Abs not feeling quite the way they used to? We understand, and for years we have been helping new moms get back to feeling like themselves. Creating balanced core strength after delivery helps decrease back pain, supports healing, and gives you the strength you need to take care of your beautiful new baby.

‘Dallas is amazing. She’s so clear and concise in her teaching and connects fabulously with the students. Her eye for details impresses me every time.’